david otunga*Who knew that Jennifer Hudson‘s fiancé, David Otunga, always wanted to be an actor?

And all this time we thought it was a wrestling career that David, also a  Harvard trained attorney, really aspired to.

Well, we was wrong! Otunga says acting has always been his dream and you’ll see what he can do in Halle Berry’s new film, “The Call,” which opens March 15.

“Not many people can say in their first film, they shared screen time with an Academy Award winner,” he told “Access Hollywood.”

If you’ve seen the TV spots and/or the trailer, you know “The Call” is about a 911 operator who decides to hunt down a serial killer. Otunga plays Officer Jake Devans. And to prepare for the role, he did ride-alongs with the LAPD for firsthand experience and research. He talks about it in the video interview below.