michael vick*Michael Vick‘s past just keeps haunting him over and over.

According to reports, the Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback has had to cancel his book tour because of death threats against him for once running a dogfighting ring.

Vick served 18 months in federal prison for his role in running the dogfighting ring. According to court papers in the cases of Vick and his codefendants, he bankrolled the operation and joined others in killing dogs that didn’t perform well.

Vick was scheduled to sign copies of his autobiography “Finally Free,” at Barnes & Noble stores in Atlanta, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The March 26 appearance set for Exton, Pa., was listed as canceled on the company’s website.

“While we stand by Michael Vick’s right to free speech and the retailers’ right to free commerce, we cannot knowingly put anyone in harm’s way, and therefore we must announce the cancellation of Mr. Vick’s book-signing appearances,” said Byron Williamson, president of Worthy Publishing, according to PhillyMag.com. “We’ve been assured these threats of violence, which have been reported to the police, are being taken very seriously by local authorities.”

Vick has tried mightily to change his image since being released from prison he’s been out of prison and became the Philadelphia Eagles QB, but unfortunately he still draws plenty of threats.

Here’s a sampling of the threats left on Facebook pages:

“I would go there to slit your throat knowing how you treat animals.”

“hope your kids don’t fall in a pool with a battery.”

“I would snap your neck if I met you, your [sic] a piece of trash.”

Since his release from prison in 2009, Vick has worked with The Humane Society of the United States to speak out against animal cruelty. He had made appearances at schools and spoken to students about the dangers of being involved in dogfighting. But, it looks like that’s not for some of his haters.