pilar & deion*Pilar and Deion Sanders are at it again, but this time over their three children.

The two battled it out for what seemed like ages over property and divorce settlements. But their kids’ future dwellings are at stake, now.

According to NBC 5 News, Pilar expressed her love for her children in front of a 12-person jury.

”I love my babies. I’ve done everything for them and with them and anything to keep them happy and doing very well in all they do. I’m mommy.”

Deion told the court his children have the liberty to go between homes as they please.

“I have my boys on a daily basis. My daughter’s with me all the time. They go back and forth whenever they want, that’s the way I am. If you want to spend time with your mom, let’s do it.”

He also mentioned that while he’s still able to communicate with his former wife, Carolyn Sanders, he hasn’t been able to establish the same line with Pilar, who doesn’t call or text.

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