kenya moore*Kenya Moore appeared to be enjoying herself during the ladies’ trip to Las Vegas. But that was until the past was brought up.

While the ladies of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” vacationed, Kenya figured it was the best time to confront Phaedra about some things she’s been carrying since the beginning.

Upset that Phaedra alleged the former beauty queen is mentally unstable, Kenya said, “You cut me to the white meat. OK? You did.”

What is she talking about and does anyone really care?

“Is that what you want, Kenya?” Phaedra asked. “You want an apology?”

“No, b*tch! I don’t need an apology from you, Phaedra,” Kenya said. “I don’t need it. Because you’ve already shown me it’s not gonna mean sh*t anyway.”

So what did she really want?

Check out the clip: