rockmond dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar

*Ah, television pilot season – one of our favorite times of the year.

It’s the time where we can gaze at the list of shows coming out and say to ourselves, “Wow, he’s got a television show? I hope he does well…” This season coming up will have more than its share of promising pilots with some of our favorite African-American actors.

Of course, most of these shows will probably flop; that’s just life in this television business. That doesn’t mean we can’t wish them well, though!

Here are some of the most promising entries for this season:

  • – For years, J.B. Smoove‘s been one of the funniest bit characters on television as the incredibly foul-mouthed Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He gets a chance at even more stardom in a new CBS pilot that co-stars two hysterical television veterans – Will Arnett from Arrested Development and Mary Elizabeth Ellis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • – David Harewood was one of the best parts of Showtime’s sometimes-overwrought Homeland. He heads back to television with the CBS show Anatomy of Violence, starring as the boss of a celebrated criminal profiler. The show is from the former 24 and Homeland creators – so it’s guaranteed to be watchable, at least.
  • – Rockmond Dunbar made an indelible impact during the last season of Sons of Anarchy as a local sheriff. He can have a true breakout in the new drama Doubt on ABC– created by David Shore of House fame – as the police officer best friend of the ex-cop lead character.
  • – Who are you gonna call? Well, Ernie Hudson, for one. The Ghostbusters alum had a showy TV role on Oz for years as the prison warden; his new series gig promises to be a lot less graphic. He’s in another veteran role in the new ABC conspiracy drama Reckless.
  • – The one we’re really excited about? David Alan Grier‘s return to TV. Years and years after In Living Color (that seems like a long time ago, right?) he’ll co-star in the CBS small-screen adaptation of the big-screen movie Bad Teacher. It’ll probably work a lot better on television than in the theaters.
  • – Another sketch comedy veteran, Tim Meadows, returns to television with The Gabriels, a Fox family-of-fish-out-of-water comedy series that co-stars the hysterical Rob Riggle and Angela Kinsey of The Office .