zerlina maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell visited Sean Hannity’s show and stands by her remarks that women being armed is not the answer to rape even after receiving death threats.

*The Fox News channel is regularly under fire for their ultra conservative views, incendiary statements, and racist viewpoints.

Even when it appears that they are making a step in the right direction, their viewers step in to say the things they cannot.

Zerlina Maxwell is a Griot contributor and regular guest on Fox News. But as well as being a feminist writer, she’s a rape surivivor and she’s an unapologetic supporter and voice of those who have experienced her pain.

Last week, she visited Sean Hannity’s show to argue that arming women would not get rid of rape in our society.

The debate began in response to a hearing that was held in Denver, Colorado, with the Denver legislature, March 4, on banning concealed weapons on college campuses.

A young woman testified that a gun “is the one equalizing factor” that may have prevented her rape. But State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) rebutted saying that while the young woman’s story was “unsettling,” it was not supported by statistics.

Sean Hannity jumped in to say that Sen. Hudak is ludicrous in her assumptions and she was definitely out of line. He represents Fox and is pro-gun for everyone.

But Maxwell argued that while Sen. Hudak may have overstepped, no one, especially men, should be telling women what to do and guns are not the answer to ending rape in this society.