quincy jones*Whats up ya’ll, its me again, Bowlegged Lou of Full Force.

On behalf of EURweb & all of us Quincy Lovers, I’d like to say on March 14, today, happy 80th Birthday to OUR FRIEND, MR. QUINCY JONES.

Another milestone for our friend Q who continues to live life to the fullest. Q is a living legend & besides being the great talent he his,he is a great person with a great personality & great sense of humor. In the short video tribute below you will see & hear some of Q’s sense of humor as we flashback to a most special tribute in his honor given by Robert Deniro & The Tribeca Film Festival which me & my beloved brother Paul Anthony hosted in NYC awhile ago. He is a good friend of Full Force.

We will always appreciate him for his liner note quote he did for us on me & my 2 Full Force brother’s book entitled “Not Just A House Party” In this vid u will see Quincy getting love & props from many celebs & folk alike who respects,honors & support The Big Q!

Happy birthday, Quincy Jones. May all the positive & optimistic things in life be yours.