harrison ford (as branch rickey)

Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey in ’42’

*Rightfully so, some black folk have been down right testy lately with the n-word in film.

In the latest, critics brought up the supposedly excessive use of the word in the new Jackie Robinson biopic, “42.” Perhaps, however, there will be little to no uproar this time around.

But Harrison Ford, who plays Brooklyn Dodgers team executive, “Branch Rickey,” defended the use of the word.

“It’s historically accurate,” Ford told theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon. “This is a film about a period of time, and about redeeming that period of time in which it was conventional and common to hear that word and others in characterization of people. The characters that we played worked hard to create circumstances in which that word couldn’t be used, but you can’t make a movie about applesauce without talking about apples.”

He added that audiences won’t likely be offended by the use of the word, especially given the historical relevance.


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