the_bible_satan_barack_obama*The History Channel’s 10-part miniseries “The Bible” is stirring up extra attention for its casting of Satan.

Folks are saying it’s no coincidence that the actor who plays the devil, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, bears a startling resemblance to President Barack Obama.

The resemblance was pointed out on Twitter during the show’s broadcast on Sunday. Glenn Beck, the Christian conservative broadcaster who has called the series “one of the most important shows in decades,” sent out a tweet with a screenshot. Beck, who refuses to use Obama’s name, referred to the president as “That Guy.”

Ouazanni has featured in several religious-themed programs before, including the TV movies “David” (1997); “Jeremiah” (1998, with Patrick Dempsey in the starring role); “In the Beginning”; and the Emmy-nominated “The Ten Commandments” (2006).

The producers of the series have yet to comment. “The Bible” is in part a collaboration between Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey. Burnett has donated to Democratic candidates, including Obama in 2008 and the DNC in 2009, but he also produces Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” and was behind Sarah Palin’s first reality effort.

Downey, while not publicly identifying with a party, is a devout Catholic who has spoken in public about her faith quite often. She starred in the TV series “Touched By an Angel,” and through LightWorkers Media, a religious production company behind “The Bible,” she produced the children’s animated program Little Angels.