janet hubert

Janet Hubert of the Fresh Prince took to Blogtalkradio to show her disgust with Wendy Williams.

*Wendy Williams has incensed a lot of celebrities during her career as a radio DJ and TV talk show host.

The most well known dispute that seemed to catapult her from a local New York radio show host to a household name, is her infamous beef with Whitney Houston. But, even Whitney’s tirade on her show pales in comparison to the choice words Wendy’s newest enemy has for her.

Well, maybe she isn’t that new of an enemy. Janet Hubert, who was the original Aunt Viv on the now defunct Fresh Prince, has had a problem with Wendy Williams in the past. Last year, during the time of Whitney’s death, Hubert wrote an open letter chastising Wendy for “crucifying” Whitney while she was alive.

But this time, she felt directly insulted by an interview Wendy Williams had with Tatyana Ali on her show.

tatyana ali & wendy williamsHubert took to Blogtalkradio Wednesday, to express why she felt compelled to address Wendy Williams for bringing her name up, incorrectly, during her interview with Tatyana.

She started off with details of her day and how she overheard Wendy Williams say her name wrong and it was ON! from there.  She said she wanted to see Tatyana Ali, “but I cringed as she called her a “child.” Young woman, maybe, but not a child.  She confirmed my discomfort with her use of the word when later in her rant she said that Wendy Williams reduced Tatyana to a “child” during the interview as she tried to ‘pull this nut out of her.’”

She said that she promised herself she’d never do this again, but she wrote another letter to “make sure she heard it.”

It started with: