johnny gill*For years, Johnny Gill has been a suspected homosexual, but on a recent episode of “Unsung,” the New Edition star denied the rumors were true, saying it was karma.

At one point, some suspected he and close friend Eddie Murphy had a thing for each other.

Scoffing at the rumors, he declared himself “150,000 percent heterosexual.”

Interestingly, he added, “In some strange way, it was kinda like some kinda lesson that was learned. I mean, we used to all sit around laughing and making gay jokes. As I got older and realized it was like hey, that’s not cool.”

Not completely sold by his flat out, and somewhat exaggerated denial, Rich Juzwiak of Gawker, expressed Gill still seems a bit suspect.

Check out his analysis at Gawker.

In the meantime, check a pic of Johnny Gill and his pals, Eric Benet, Barry Bonds and Kenny Lattimore taken at Jonathan De Veaux’s Savoy Entertainment Center. on the night of his Unsung premiere:

johnny gill & pals