car salesman

Car salesman in the car with Jeff Gordon during a test ride.

There should be some ground rules and/or boundaries set when it comes to pranks, but we all know there are none.

That’s why when someone gets a prank pulled on them, they are so angry and flustered.

But everyone that has ever been hustled by a car salesman must’ve been quite happy when one unsuspecting car salesman was pranked by Jeff Gordon.

Surely you can already see where this is going when I mentioned NASCAR’s finest driver. He is a four-time series champion and a three-time Daytona 500 winner.

Jeff Gordon joined forces with Pepsi Max to pull off one of the best pranks ever to make a hilarious commercial for the company that replicated their slogan “A zero-calorie cola in disguise.”

Gordon was in disguise as an average Joe looking to purchase a new car. He even convinces the car salesman that the 2009 Camaro was a little too much for him and that he had never driven a car like this before.