michael_jordan(2011-smile-at-mic-big-upper)*Wedding bells are ringing for basketball legend Michael Jordan, and it looks like he’s going to settle back in his hometown with longtime girlfriend  Yvette Prieto.

According to Fox Sports, Michael recently bought a North Carolina home for $2.8 million, 22 miles from where the Bobcats play.

The lakefront property was originally priced at $ 3.99 million but went into foreclosure August 2012 and brought it down to $ 3.49 million.

Sprawling at 12,310 square fit, Jordan’s new kingdom consists of 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a two-story great room that opens out to a terraced patio that includes a spa and gigantic pool.

Jordan's houseThe gym and entertainment center is in the basement area of the house.