*During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Republican strategist Karl Rove joked with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile about the state of the GOP. The two have been betting on the party’s electoral prospects, with food as the currency.

But Rove’s joke, because of its racial history, instantly made headlines.

After Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, who was also on the panel, pointed out that many of the rifts within the Republican Party will be healed when a strong presidential candidate emerged, this exchange happened:

“That was Bill Clinton after Walter Mondale lost, after Jimmy Carter lost,” Brazile pointed out. “We had a dynamic governor who was reform minded, who took those reform issues and brought them into the national forefront. He really helped recharge the Democratic Party.”

“But you know, the Republican Party is out to lunch,” she added, turning to Rove. “I watched CPAC, Charles — I mean, Karl… Charles was former friend.”

“I thought I was a current friend,” Rove laughed.

“You’re always a friend,” Brazile replied. “But you owe me some chili.”

“You owe me some fried chicken,” Rove joked with his best Southern drawl.

Brazile didn’t seem offended by the reference, or at least she didn’t react to it, and immediately pivoted to reminding Karl that she had “saved [his life from] malaria once.”

The joking reference got hot on Twitter, and was picked up by some liberal blogs. But so far, Brazile has yet to comment.