kenya-moore*Kenya Moore doesn’t have a lot of friends, but somehow, she feels Beyoncé has joined her (small) fan club.

Actually, the singer is an avid “Real Housewives of Atlanta” watcher and keeps up with the rachet drama-filled women on the show.

“It makes me feel great that Beyoncé is a fan. I am the biggest Beyoncé fan,” Kenya told “She’s my favorite. I love the fact that she’s a mogul. She’s a superstar, obviously, a rock star, a wife, a mother. She’s so many things.”

Let’s all throw up now.

Kenya even said in the interview that she and Bey are twins (OMG, no she didn’t). She claims that she often is mistaken for the superstar singer.

Pssh… when? where?

It was likely her imaginary friend.

By the way, if you haven’t heard, the reality star fancies herself following in her idol’s footsteps and recorded her song, “Gone with the Wind Fabulous.”

Bey even used her catchphrase when she described her Super Bowl performance.