lala_vasquez_anthony(2012-headshot-big-ver-upper)*Marriage is not easy, and celebrities aren’t exempt from that truth.

LaLa Anthony admitted though Carmelo Anthony and her have loved each other for 10 years, the two have had their ups and downs.

“If anyone says in 10 years you don’t go through ups and downs, they’re lying to you. We’re in a real relationship. We have our ups and we have our downs, but we definitely work through them, and we’re great right now,” LaLa told “Access Hollywood” in response to rumors that she and Carmelo have been having marital problems.

Since Carmelo was traded to the New York Knicks, things have changed. But the couple stays strong. LaLa-and-Carmelo-Anthony400crop-“I think a lot of the changes also happened when he got traded to New York. Now, you’re in New York City. It’s a huge city. Everybody wants him. He’s getting pulled in a million directions,” said LaLa found herself equally busy.

She added that her career has certainly blossomed while in New York. While they are both busy, making time for one another is a priority.

Lala also addressed the on-court incident between Carmelo and Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics). Kevin famously said that LaLa tasted like “Honey Nut Cheerios” in a game against Carmelo, who didn’t appreciate the comment and had words with Garnett after the game.

“A woman always wants her man to stick up for her, but not in the sense to where he gets in trouble… They did talk it out and everything was fine,” said LaLa. “I didn’t take it personally. I know things are said in the heat of battle. I’m just glad they were able to work through that.”

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Meanwhile, in the clip below, Lala talks about her son: