nikko and mimi*Nikko ain’t gay! Folks close to him… ahem… Mimi Faust… have been trying to prove he’s not bumping uglies with other men. But, like K.Michelle’s story, no one really believes it.

Speaking of the singer, last month, in a somewhat successful attempt to take the negative attention off of her, she totally dragged Nikko’s name in the dirt saying he’s a down low brother.

The couple then went on Power 105.1 to address the accusations.

To ensure his straight-hood, he also addressed the rumors on and assured he and his woman are indeed an item.

“Absolutely. We’ve known each other for 12 years and we recently started rekindling the new flames,” Nikko said. “I say about a good four or five months we been going out.”

“I’m not gay. I’m not bisexual, and I’m not on the down low. I’m a straight man and heterosexual,” Nikko stated, who shared that there are gay members in his family. “I don’t have anything against gay people and I’m not gay.”

During the conversation, things got a little funny when he used his own psychology analysis on K.Michelle. He concluded her mis-behavior stems from her fatherless childhood.