*There are few things we can always rely on when it comes to Rev. Al Sharpton, an unguarded opinion, slick hair, and a protest of some sort.

The MSNBC host and activist publicly vowed to protest against the National Rifle Association after the organization’s president made some interesting comments in lieu of the Sandy Hook incident.

“We need to get a real movement against those who get rich off the perpetuation of killing,” said the civil rights leader. “The only purpose of assault weapons is for war,” Sharpton continued. “You don’t hunt with assault weapons. Nobody shoots down prey with so many bullets you couldn’t eat the prey.”

Sharpton called NRA head Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion to post an armed guard at every school in America “asinine.”

To be quite frank, this isn’t a terrible idea being that police officers are on guard at millions of high schools, junior highs, and some elementary schools across the country, particularly in the hood. So what really is Sharpton trying to do?

Anyway, it appears he’d like to do away with all guns if possible; and so with the protest, hopes to begin a movement against all weaponry in the country.