mcgill brothers

McGill brothers, Demarre and Anthony, make musical history through the nation’s orchestras.

*When a child realizes their passion at a young age and has it supported it makes for a magical outcome.

The McGill brothers, Demarre and Anthony, are living proof of that magic. They hail from the South side of Chicago, ironically known for its horrific crimes but also its musical superstars like Common, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson and now the McGill Brothers.

The brothers started their careers with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, but since then, they have played in orchestras all over the country.

That accomplishment is rare indeed with only four percent of the nation’s orchestras consisting of African Americans or Latinos.

Now Anthony McGill serves as the principal clarinet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City and older brother Demarre serves as principle flute of the Seattle Symphony, according to the Grio.

But beyond their impressive positions, they have an incredible list of musical accomplishments