lamar collins

Meet Lamar Collins! If elected by the residents of Temple, Texas, he will go down as the first African American candidate and the first African American mayor of the town.

*We just saw Mississippi finally emancipate the enslaved by kicking off this year’s Black History Month with the ratification of the 13th Amendment.
Now, there is yet another first for a town in the southwest.

Since the establishment of Temple, Texas, 130 years ago, there has never been a mayor or mayoral candidate for the town.

But, all that has changed with Lamar Collins throwing his hat in the ring for Mayor, according to KWTX.

Collins is jumping on the opportunity to be mayor of the town since longtime Mayor Bill Jones III will step down in May.

But, when he resigns, there is still one more year left in his term which leaves the city council with the unfortunate task of holding a special election to fill his spot.