cupid shuffle guy*Yo’ mama and ‘em, feel the burn while dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and have a little fun too.

Well, Alysse Stewart and Shay Moore of 2 Black Girls & A Mic recently caught up with the man  behind the song that swept the nation. His name is Cupid and he’s  back  with a new fitness craze that’s building momentum one neighborhood at a time.

“CuRobiks” is all your favorite line dances inside a Double DVD package, featuring various workouts and step-by-step instruction for those that might be a little danced challenged  and a bonus recipe book. Cupid said it worked for him and it can work for you too. That from the mouth of a man who dropped fifty pounds after seeing himself on The Monique Show.

“I was 240 pounds at the time … You don’t know it until you see it  on TV … When I saw it … It broke me down … I owned a soul food restaurant here in Lafayette Louisiana … A month later I closed it … I closed it down … I had to start by leading by example. So I closed the restaurant and stopped eating the food in there and I made it a point that I was going to put this out and I was not going to have paid testimonials …I ‘ve gotta be the testimonial.”

During the interview Cupid talked about the  deal he had with his record label and why the single Cupid Shuffle was the only one that ever saw the light of day.  Although he doesn’t sound bitter by that past relationship, he has expressed the lesson was well learned and he added that it won’t happen again as he moves forward with slimming down the young and  the old with his new endeavor.

Cupid’s story is one that will inspire you not only to live fit but to dream big at the same time.  Take a listen now via the player box below.

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