scott prouty

Scott Prouty

*For months folks have been wondering just who was it that secretly taped then presidential candidate Mitt Romney making his now infamous “47 percent” comments.

Now we kn ow.  His name is Scott Prouty.

Wednesday night, Mr. Prouty revealed himself on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” – with host Ed Schultz – as the bartender who shot video of Mitt Romney framing President Obama’s supporters as being dependent  on government handouts during a closed-press fundraiser last year.

“I was behind this whole thing,” Prouty said.

The bartender said he brought a camera to the Boca Raton, Fla. fundraiser in case Romney came back to take pictures with the staff, as former president Bill Clinton had done at another event Prouty worked. ”I didn’t go there with a grudge against Romney,” he said. “I really had no idea he would say what he said.”

Prouty grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Boston, he said. He said he felt that people who couldn’t afford to attend a high-priced fundraiser should get a chance “to find out what the candidate actually thinks.”

He said he struggled for two weeks with whether or not to release the video and risk his own career. He did not have health insurance. After wrestling with the decision, he decided it would be cowardly not to release the video: “I went down the path and never looked back.”

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