waterseed*The moment Wonder Love Pt. 1 was released it marked the culmination of hard work of the creative synthesis known as Water Seed.

The six member band with its roots in Atlanta and their parents’ record collections spent countless hours in the studio working to develop a suite around the concept of “love” and recorded so much material the project had to be split in two, with part two being released later in the year. Wonder Love Pt. 1 is not their first release, but it may be the most important, because Water Seed is an anomaly in Black music these days, a self-contained band that thrives on live music.

The time put into making the album was full of sacrifice; the music comes at the expense of family and traditional employment, but the quality never suffers as the band works to carry on the tradition of Earth Wind & Fire, The JB’s, the Ohio Players, Mint Condition and many of the other units who tightly honed their sound and shaped the soundscape of Black America. Water Seed is on the frontline with many Indie and unsung artists to redefine what R&B is considered today.

There’s been a lot of pain and growth to get where the band is today and it shows in the 40 plus minutes of volume 1. Drawing from each of their influences, jazz, blues, hip-hop, rock and R&B make up the gumbo presented for listeners. The goal was to fill a void musically and wrap it in sound; a sound that reminds music lovers of another time, but updates it to show the creativity of the artists. For instance, “Hues of Blue” and “Adam and Eve” hail from different ends of the spectrum, but “Feel Like I Do” (featuring Jon Bibb) falls somewhere in between or nowhere at all. That’s the beauty of having such a group of unique talents blending with one another.

Lou Hill is on drums and the unofficial leader of the band, so the task of keeping it all together at times falls square on his shoulders; shoulders groomed on the sounds of the Crescent City and an ear developed digging through the record and tape collections his parents compiled through the years. The same can be said for Shaleyah Grant, Abel Grant, Cinese and J. Sharp; the music of their youth jumpstarted a love that became a career and remains a love. Instead of sampling the sounds they heard, they learned the instruments to replay and create the magic those moments sparked years later.

Those moments have spilled over from the studio to the stage where Water Seed is really at home. These days they’re playing dates with DJ Kemit and Tortured Soul, growing their audience with high energy performance after high energy performance. Their musicianship is not lost in translation, because the stage is home to the band. It’s the reason the material for Wonder Love became so expansive; creativity exceeds all bounds and the opportunity to wrap listeners around their sound could not be complete without finishing the project they began long before they learned to read music. They are the keepers of a tradition and among the emerging voices of the musical generation, an honest expression of what our hearts fill. That sounds like love. Yes…Water Seed is love.

Find Wonder Love Vol.1 where music is sold digitally. Find Water Seed where music is experienced live. In between, go to www.WaterSeedMusic.com for tour dates, news, videos and other information. Plus, find them on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube.


“Hues of Blue”