Tia Norfleet*It turns out Tia Norfleet, the 20-year-old race car beauty who sold us on the idea that she was “the first African American woman to race in NASCAR,” straight up lied.

The truth of the matter, according to racing officials, is the only sanctioned race she entered was some low level event last year, reports the NY Times.


Norfleet, who has engaged students and the media at various speaking engagements over the years; solicited sponsorships and even has a PayPal account  on her website; where her bio and videos can be seen. Woman went out and hired herself a marketing team that produced a savvy campaign that gained her nationwide publicity. What they failed to mention while promoting her “accomplishments,” was her criminal record. Tia N Booking

Her Web site, Tianorfleet34.com, even indicates that she intends to compete in a full schedule this season in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series, one rung below the top-tier Sprint Cup series. Now how in the world was she going to do that? Apparently, she thought her game would play out forever.

Guess she’s what you call a “ride-or-die chick.”

So sad.

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