snoop & suge (via instagram)*Snoop and Suge Knight have been long time enemies.

But things are changing for the pair. After the rapper posted a photo (above) of the two on Instagram, he had to explain himself.

After their falling out in 1998, when Snoop left Death Row Records, the two had some very public fights. But Mr. Lion says time changes thingsl.

“I think time heals all wounds,” Snoop told DJ Skee in a recent interview. “If that means putting my hand out saying I’m wrong, I apologize and we be cool, I’ll do that as opposed to me going behind my back, pulling a gun out and getting somebody or me doing something vicious to you.”

Snoop attributed his new found Rastafarian beliefs as the biggest factor for the peace move. In his new documentary, “Reincarnated,” the rapper gave props to Knight and his ability as an executive, dubbing him “the greatest West Coast business mind of all time.”

“He gave me a voice to speak. I was like E.F. Hutton, when Snoop talked everybody listened.”

Watch the interview: