sheree whitfield*Surprisingly, someone is allegedly stalking Sheree Whitfield.

She says popular blogger, TamaraTattles has been lurking in the bushes taking photos of her without permission.

So the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has filed a petition for a protective order against the writer, whose real name is Tamara Kay Brawner.

“In October 2011 the respondent commenced an online blog about the petitioner’s home titled ‘Chateau Sheree,’ giving the online world a play-by-play of the construction progress of the petitioner’s home. The respondent then commenced additional online blogs regarding the petitioner’s legal proceedings, the petitioner’s business label, and delays in the petitioner’s home construction, the demise of the petitioner’s reality television career, and other disparaging remarks.”

There are claims too that the blogger had at one point gained access to the house and took photos, which were later posted on her blog earlier this month.

Tamara has been coming onto her property as it’s being built and doing it big with the whole stalking gig, supposedly.