2-u-neek kickstarter*Los Angeles, CA / You Know that twin entertainment duo, 2-U-NEEK, has gotten the green light from KICKSTARTER to launch their 2 R > 1 Project. So you ask what is this project is about?  2 R >1( Two Are Greater Than One) is the name of 2-U-NEEK’S sophomore Album.

Group members Ashley and Ashton have written lyrics, created beats and recorded 90 % of the album.  2 R > 1 also models that it’s great for people to team up and make a positive difference in each other’s lives. The CD will have at least 10 songs on it.

There may be a bonus track or two. 2-U-NEEK has teamed up with some talented producers/ engineers such as Zouhair Qorchi , Kevin Richardson, Taylor Mosley, Marcus Bell and Tim Gerron.  Ashton of 2-U-NEEK has made several beats for the album as well.  2-U-NEEK has recorded most of the songs however the tracks have to be mixed and mastered.  This is a very important step to making a great album. Promotions and PR are also key .2-U-NEEK has turned to KICKSTARTER and you to get this done.  Please visit www.2-U-NEEK.com for more info.

On another note, asides from the twins busy schedule with music and acting they are also humanitarians. They work on numerous charity projects with some great causes.  The twins are asked to travel and perform often for various causes and often times these organizations have little or no budget to asset with gas or food.  The success of this project helps the twins continue to be of assistance to others and make a positive difference.

The twins have added a new title to their name.  They have recently co- authored a children’s book entitled “The Adventures of Peni and Keni”. Ashley Miracle has done the illustrations.  .  We appreciate you taking the time to visit 2-U-NEEK on KICKSTARTER.  Plans are already underway to present 2-U-NEEK’s new music to radio, industry and the public.  2-U-NEEK plans to release a(TWINgle) two songs at the same time verses the traditional single.

For more info follow the twins on Twitter: @2uneektwins. “Like” them on Facebook.  They hope you will get inspired to make a pledge today! www.2-U-NEEK.com.


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