malik yoba & sedrik newbern

Author Sedrik Newbern Held Book Reading and Signing for “Unconditional Forgiveness” at the Glen Theater in Gary, Indiana

*(Gary, IN) – The Glen Theater recently welcomed author Sedrik Newbern and TV/Film star, Malik Yoba, for a special reading of Newbern’s new book, titled “Unconditional Forgiveness-Lessons for Letting Go to Build Better Relationships.”

Inspired by Newbern’s relationship with his father, the book centers around the impact father’s have on their sons, and how Newbern forgave his father, who wasn’t there for him as he matured from a boy to a man.

Yoba is most remembered from his role as J.C. Williams on FOX’s “New York Undercover”, as well as his role in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Why Did I Get Married Too”? His most portrayal was of the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Lifetime TV’s original TV film, “Betty & Coretta”, where he starred opposite of Angela Bassett. Yoba took a break from filming in Miami to be a part of the event saying he believed in the heart behind the book and could identify with the subject matter.

The event’s audience largely consisted of young and teenage, many of which grew up without their fathers. In addition to reading excerpts from the book, Yoba engaged the young men asking them to read from the book as well. Organizers said several of the participants found it challenging to read in public confidently, while projecting their voices to the back of the theater.  The young man discovered that reading well wasn’t the issue, rather, their lack of confidence and realizing their abilities to maximize their potential.

Another young man asked what he could do to put his city (Gary, IN) on the map, as he felt that sports was the only way for him to do so. Newbern informed him how much smarter it was to not just be the athlete, but instead, the person who owns the team, and signs the checks.  Afterwards, Yoba had the young man come up front, and introduce himself to Kimberly Robinson, member of the city council that was also in the audience, and had them exchange information so that he could be instrumental in creating the change that he wanted to see in his environment.

Newbern gave each of the young men a signed copy of the book, followed by a photograph with Yoba.  The book details the impact growing up without his father had on Newbern’s life, as well as how they were able to evolve and move beyond the pain to develop an unbreakable bond. The book also gives practical advice to those hurt in past relationships, so they can heal and develop healthy relationships.

Yoba told the audience that his goals in life were never centered on being a famous actor, but on serving others, which ultimately led him to acting. Show business then provided him the means and platform to service others.

“It was awesome to connect with the young brothers in Gary,” said Yoba. These young men had courage to participate in reading excerpts of ‘Unconditional Forgiveness’ with the author Sedrik Newbern and me. “

Sedrik R. Newbern, president of Newbern Consulting Group, is a highly sought after coach, consultant, author, motivational speaker and workshop facilitator who specializes in impactful marketing consulting and purpose-driven personal/professional coaching. He works with couples, individuals and young people with lessons on letting go to build better relationships, as well as small businesses, non-profit organizations and business leaders to help them envision what is possible to do the impossible.


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