antoine fuqua*Every Black person in the film industry doesn’t think the same. Director Antoine Fuqua made that plain recently when he told black British publication  The Voice that Hollywood isn’t racist.

“I wouldn’t use the term racist, as much as I would say the playing field is not even in Hollywood,” Fuqua he said. “But ultimately, you have to put in the work.

“It’s very easy to cry racism when you’re not qualified to do the work or your work isn’t transcending to where you want it to be. Hollywood is a business and you have to look at it that way.”

He added, “I do see other things – like people who don’t understand or are ignorant to our culture. But I wouldn’t call them racist. If anything, it’s our job to expand their minds to our experience.”

As far as Black interest stories in Hollywood, he chalks that up to the lack of African Americans in high positions.

“There are no African-Americans that run major studios and most of the executives at the top level are not African-American. So when the people in those jobs are developing stories, nine times out of 10, their stories won’t be about African Americans – they’ll be about people who look like themselves.

“To say that those people are racist is not necessarily the case.”

How P.C. of him.

The director admitted most of the people who have pushed him along throughout his career have not been Black.

“99.9 per cent of the people that have given me my opportunities in this business were not African-American,” he says. “Denzel [Washington] gave me a great opportunity when we did Training Day together, and I also became friends with Mr. Sidney Poitier, who has given me great counsel and advice.

“But in terms of people in the studio system, most of the people who have given me my jobs were not African American. So I can’t sit back and say Hollywood is racist.”