john mcneil leaving prison

John McNeil (center) leaving prison after six years for defending his family and his home from Brian Epp, who he shot and killed after he threatened him and his son with a knife.

*George Zimmerman is preparing to have another status hearing tomorrow on his murder trial set to begin June 10.

The state’s attorney requested Zimmerman’s presence so that the court can ensure he approves the defense waiving his right to an immunity hearing, but also so the prosecution can determine what he is planning to do with the Stand Your Ground law.

But, as we prepare for this detrimental case, there is another case that should remain on our minds. The John McNeil case should set the tone for the trial, but it is only similar because Zimmerman used the Stand Your Ground law as his defense. McNeil had an authentic Stand Your Ground case.

John McNeil’s 19-year-old son was being threatened with a knife by an intruder, Brian Epp, who had once worked for McNeil as a contractor and had previous disagreements with him. Epp had been lurking around McNeil’s Georgia property and his wife, who was suffering from cancer, was interviewed saying that Epp called 911 and notified them that he was on his way home and obviously that Epp was on his property, according to Think Progress.