Abiah’s Life as a Ballad is filled with an undeniable beauty that reaches listeners in a way their soul creates visuals to accompany the tracks on the album and “Goodbye” is no exception; but I’m sure not many cooked up the treatment the way director Francis Augustine, the artist and wife Maameyaa Boafo did.

The heart wrenching ballad featuring Robert Glasper on piano takes on a different slant in this stunningly beautiful video that’s led to more than one head scratch and a running conversation on many websites and plenty of Facebook posts.

EURweb has gotten the scoop from the man himself. Abiah has shared the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage with I of Africa and passed it on to EURweb in hopes that it sheds light on his vision for the visual and a quick look into to the thought pattern of the brain trust behind the “Goodbye” video. Check out the video below, and then listen to Abiah provide insight into his most-talked about video to date.

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Abiah – “Goodbye”

Behind-the-Scenes of “Goodbye” with Abiah