big daddy kane & las supper

Big Daddy Kane and Las Supper

*Ask any hip-hop connoisseur to describe Big Daddy Kane and the word “chef” won’t come to mind as quickly as “lyricist” or “rhyme slayer.” But that’s exactly what the rap legend has become, courtesy of his new group Las Supper.

The collective, comprised of  New York City-based Lifted Crew and veteran R&B vocalist Show Tyme, serve up a massive helping of ‘60s/’70s soul and vintage hip-hop with its debut album “Back To The Future.” Featuring Garfield Fleming of the Delfonics and Foreign Exchange collaborator Yahzarah on the song “I Can’t Believe,” the 12-track opus marks Kane’s return to music after a nearly-15-year absence.

“What we’re trying to say is you’re in a time period now where…real soul music doesn’t really get that much exposure, doesn’t get no mainstream play and people are pretty much really forgetting about the serious roots of soul,” the rapper stated while detailing the meaning behind the Las Supper name. “It’s pretty much the same story with hip-hop. It’s changed a lot when a lot of the really conscious hip-hop doesn’t really get that type of exposure. So basically what we’re saying is ‘here’s what we’ve done. We’ve concocted that meal for you, that soulful old school hip-hop meal for you.  So eat up because it just may be your last supper.’”

Kane’s journey with Las Supper began after Lifted Crew backed him up while performing at BB King’s. From there, the stage was set as Show Tyme, whom Kane had heard on a song his brother had done, became the final component of the group.

With a mutual desire to combine vintage soul and hip-hop, Las Supper was born. In addition to Show Tyme, the group also includes Lifted Crew’s Nicky Cake on vocals.

“I guess the main thing is just seeing young cats with that hunger and that passion for good music,” Kane shared about what attracted him to Las Supper. “I think the main ingredient is vintage soul. That’s the main ingredient. Now along with that, when I say vintage soul I’m talking ‘60s, early ‘70s soul. Along with that, we combine the flavor of ‘80s hip-hop all being backed by live instruments. Drums. No keyboards…organ upgrade piano, clarinet. No keyboard sounds. No samples. Everything is all live instruments.”

Known as much for his soulful rap catalogue as his ladies’ man persona, Kane’s involvement with Las Supper should come as no surprise. The rapper’s presence can be felt on “I Can’t Believe” as well as the group’s buzz worthy single “I Believe in Love Again.”

As listeners consume Las Supper, Kane hopes the group will leave a lasting impression.

“I hope that they enjoy it and that they embrace it as feel good music. I hope it makes people happy,” the rhymesayer said while revealing that efforts are underway to put together a tour featuring Las Supper that will kick off in July. “I hope it makes people just feel good. That’s really the whole intent of it, to make some fun music and at the same time some conscious music.”

Listen to “I Can’t Believe” at Soundcloud.

Watch Big Daddy Kane and Las Supper perform “I Believe in Love Again” Live: