al sharpton (screenshot)*(New York, NY) — According to Rev. Al Sharpton, MSNBC host and President of National Action Network, the false reporting by the media in the Boston bombing case was offensive and inflammatory, including specific references by CNN’s John King who labeled the alleged suspect as a “dark-skinned male” perpetuating a stereotypical characterization devoid of relevant facts about the suspects identity.

It was irresponsible and misleading to characterize the suspect by his race and it made every dark skinned male in Boston a suspect. If I reported that a “white skinned male” was being sought after, I would be publicly maligned as a “racial agitator.”

The media must be responsible and put facts in proper context.

Watch Rev. Sharpton discuss the misreporting on PoliticsNation:

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Rachel Noerdlinger
President, Noerdlinger Media
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