cabo verde film fest (logo)*The Cabo Verde International Film Festival (CVIFF) is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA).

The partnership, which represents a unique cultural exchange between the two organizations will provide attendees of the growing film festival with an opportunity to be exposed to important information about how they can break into the very lucrative US film market throughout the festival, which takes place  on the Island of Sal from October 17-20, 2013.

AAFCA will present its signature panel, “The Media Pitch Session” that presents key strategies for filmmakers to cultivate productive relationships with the media community.  The association will also offer additional programming that will provide invaluable insights into how to create a sustainable career in the film industry.  “We are delighted to welcome AAFCA to our festival this year,” says Suely Neves, CVIFF Executive Producer. “An essential part of our film festival is to educate and empower filmmakers and we are confident that our relationship with AAFCA will provide just that.

“AAFCA is so excited to partner with CVIFF”, says the group’s President Gil Robertson.” The wonderful islands of Cape Verde are a gateway to Africa, so we feel very privileged to work with festival organizers to better connect with African filmmakers, as well as other cinema makers who are committed to telling stories that capture the experience of African people around the world. “

About African American Film Critics Association:
The African American Film Critics Association is one of the world’s premiere film critics groups. Founded in 2003, the group’s membership is comprised of the leading African-descended film critics in America. The organization actively reviews cinema at-large, with a particular emphasis on films that include the Black experience.  AAFCA annually creates platforms for African-descended filmmaker that culminates with the AAFCA Awards, an A-list awards program that takes place in Hollywood, CA, at the top of each calendar year. AAFCA members are also involved in advocacy work that includes programming for students around the world who are interested in film criticism and journalism. Visit:  Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: www.facebook.africanamericanfilmcriticsassociation

About Cabo Verde International Film Festival:
The purpose of the Cabo Verde International Film Festival (CVIFF) is to provide a platform for the Cape Verdean Arts and Cinema communities with the rest of the world. CVIFF also produces programming that entertains and provides benefit to filmmakers through workshops, artistic and cultural activities and much more. CVIFF is produced by V!VA Imagens,  a media production company based in Praia that provides artistic, audio-visual, photography, online-TV, and film services and projects. Visit:  Social Media: Twitter: Facebook:

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Suely Neves,
Executive Producer, [email protected]

Gil Robertson / AAFCA
[email protected]