FNCC's Randy Hughes and Congresswoman Hahn

FNCC’s Randy Hughes and Congresswoman Hahn

*Congresswoman Janice Hahn – newly elected representative of California’s 44th congressional district – has hit the ground running letting her constituency know she is determined to uphold the legacy of her late father Kenneth Hahn who served 40 years on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and who by the very mention of his name still draws applause and voiced admiration.

On Saturday, April 20, 2013 she attended the Friends and Neighbor’s Community Club (FNCC) meeting held at The Greater Mount Hebron Baptist Church in South Los Angeles near Central Avenue. Hosted by FNCC’s president and founder Randy Hughes, Hahn took the time to address the importance of community involvement citing how it was a key factor in bringing the Boston Marathon Terror crisis to a successful and timely end. She said “The single most important thing in anyone’s life is home…community…and to feel safe and protected.”

She went on to address other issues like gun-control (expressing her dismay that the Senate rejected expanded background checks), and the closing of the Martin Luther King Jr. Trauma Center. She said the trauma centers have been reduced by more than half, and that in a major crisis it will mean the difference between life and death as critical time is lost by the added distance it takes to get the necessary medical attention.

From personal experience – one of her own children was more wired for vocational rather than scholastic schooling – Hahn expressed the need to bring the arts and other extra-curricular studies back in schools to keep students interested. She said “We’ve got to give children skills to pay the bills.”

In light of the fact that polls showed 90 percent of Americans in favor of expanded background checks for gun sales, she agreed that we need a stronger voice to address the suffering of victims and survivors of senseless violence, and feels the music and entertainment industry could do more just as it did with “We Are The World.”

Hahn drew applause when addressing the housing crisis she said, “Somebody needs to go to jail.”

Hahn addresses audience

Hahn addresses audience

Although Hahn’s main office and residence is in San Pedro (the Port of Los Angeles), she says she wants to be more accessible for other communities, and now has a sub-office at the Compton Court House where she’ll be available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at 9AM. The number there is (310) 605-5520. You may also visit FNCC’s website at www.fnccla.com.

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