*The International Diabetes Federation predicts that at least one out of 10 adults could have diabetes by 2030, according to the latest statistics.

In a recent report, the agency estimated that 552 million people could have diabetes in two decades’ time based on factors like aging and demographic changes.

The Federation said that one adult in 13 has diabetes.

The figure includes both types of diabetes as well as cases that are undiagnosed.

Without including the impact of increasing obesity, the agency said its figures were conservative.

There are 346 million people worldwide with diabetes according to the World Health Organization with more than 80 deaths occurring in developing countries.

The group expects the number of cases to jump by 90 percent even in Africa, w here infectious diseases have previously been the top killer.

The agency projects diabetes deaths will double by 2030 and said the International Diabetes Association’s prediction was possible.

Management of Type 2 diabetes includes using your medicines exactly as the doctor predicts, making smart food choices and being physically active.

Gojka Roglic, head of WHO’s diabetes unit, said the projected future rise in diabetes cases are Type 2, the kind tht mainly hits people in middle age and is linked to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle.

“It’s worrying because these people will have an illness which is serious, debilitating, and shortens their lives,” she said.  “But it doesn’t have to happen if we take the right interventions.”