saffir*Like it or not, life throws curveballs.

But Reggie Gibson, a/k/a Saffir, is home-run hitter, whereas others throw in the towel before their fortitude is even tested.

Saffir, known to the public as part of the eclectic 90’s hip-hop crew Digital Underground, Gibson has enough courage to keep swinging even in the midst of tragedy.

The former entertainer continues to keep his optimism in tact despite being diagnosed with full-blown paralysis in late 2011. According to sources closest to Gibson, including DU’s ring-leader and one-man-circus act Shock G (Gregory Jacobs), the shattering news bookended a head-scratching series of uncanny events and impulsive decisions.

In a full-length, unabashed tell-all, Jacobs meticulously chronicles the embattled history of his struggling comrade. Also highlighted is the group’s tireless search for a procedure that will alter Gibson’s fortune.

Last year, a close friend asked me “Why is Saafir in a wheelchair?,” Jacobs writes. “With a sigh, all I could muster was “It’s complicated” because it really is. Months later, he asked me a 3rd time, so I shot him [an] email.

Saafir’s sitch is the gradual result of a series of events. …

Here’s a ruff timeline:


Survived TWA plane crash at JFK scheduled for Frisco. Engine blew during take-off, skidded-out sidewayz off the runway, came to a stop, and after a few seconds, burst into flames:

Saafir was the first one off, but he jumped before the slide fully inflated and wound up jolting his lower back as his feet hit the ground beneath the thin material. It was a Boeing DC-10, so it was hella high-up ( jumping from a 3rd floor apt balcony).

Afterwards he refused hospital assistance (“I’m aight”) a hurry ta catch the next plane back to the bay.

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