jen the pen and consequence*Breaking news! … no, not really, but it looks like Consequence and his lady friend Jen The Pen are going to leave “Love and Hip Hop.” Don’t worry, though, Joe Budden, Tahairy and Yandy will be back for sure. It could be a business move or a way to actually save their relationship for the couple. We’re not quite sure because they haven’t disclosed the reason they’re leaving.

*Sony has made a change regarding its upcoming sci-fi adventure pic, “After Earth,” starring Will and Jaden Smith. The new release date will be May 31. That means it’s coming out a full week earlier. Scrapping its original release date will give the movie a bit more cushion around competing summer releases “Man of Steel” and “The Internship.” For those that haven’t heard, the film has the Smiths visiting an unfamiliar Earth a thousand years after cataclysmic events have forced humanity to flee the planet.