delonte*Um, so baller Delonte West popped up on Twitter on Hump Day after being away for a while, just to announce some big news. The former Cleveland Cavs star,who was rumored to be getting it on with then teammate LeBron James ‘mom, is now married. LeBron and Delonte both denied anything was going on between Gloria James and Delonte, but sources say they knew the twosome was doing some scandalous deeds without James’ knowledge. Now, three years later, the 29-year-old just announced he’s married….and expecting twins! He posted the above pic with his new wife at the Justice of the Peace

*”Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts was recently honored at the Diane Von Furstenberg Awards with a Lifetime Leadership Award found herself on The Hollywood Reporter‘s 35 Most Powerful People in Media for 2013. Wendy Williams also found herself on this year’s list, too. In March, “The Wendy Williams Show” was given the green light to produce two more months of new episodes (for the summer) due to an increase in local ratings and a recent winning streak over competitors. “I have the greatest fans in daytime TV,” Williams said in a statement. “If it were up to me, we’d have a show every day, all year long.”