animal town*Despite their differences, the animals all come together in love and friendship to live in harmony in “Animal Town.”

“Animal Town: Fishing Trip” is a children fiction story written by Juliet Tumoe Samura which highlights the importance of working together regardless of who you are or where you come.

It has been a long tradition of telling or retelling stories using animals. In “Animal Town,” it’s no difference as Juliet highlights how the animals care for one another and are able to help each other out when the need arises in difficult times and in the good times they support each other whenever they can.

A United Kingdom based teacher from Sierra Leone and from a family of educationists and writers, Juliet uses this story to let people know that the strong should help the weak to advance a better society.

Wonderfully illustrated by John Woodcock in bright and soft colors, “Animal Town” is a delightful story of friendship and love in a magical town where all animals work together.

Unlike most animal stories, the animals in this book are given African names. “Animal Town” is a must read for all and for collectors of children’s story books. The book was also launched in London recently to mark World Book Day.

“Animal Town” is available online at or email: [email protected] for more info.

Animal Town by Juliet Tumoe Samura by authorvideo