Jamie FoxxIn a well-deserved honor, the great Jamie Foxx received the “MTV Generation Award” the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend.

Sure, it probably can’t measure up to his Oscar – but still, it’s a worthy award for a man who’s built up an amazing career since his start on In Living Color.

So, to further honor Mr. Foxx, here are our favorite performances from one of our favorite multi-talented performers – encompassing television, stand-up, music and movies.

In Living Color”– Foxx first displayed his boundless talent on the hysterical Fox comedy sketch show In Living Color. He joined the cast after its glory years were over, but he still had time to amuse; check out his duet (as Little Richard) with Jim Carrey in this hilarious sketch. Who would have thought they’d end up with the careers they had?

A roast attack –Want to see the ultimate roast takedown? Check out what Foxx did to this far-above-his-head comedian during a Shaquille O’Neal roast from a few years ago. It’s brutal, but hilarious – and shows just how talented a comedian Foxx is.

Any Given Sunday” -Foxx’s breakthrough dramatic performance came as the exciting, Michael Vick-like quarterback in the underrated Oliver Stone movie Any Given Sunday, where he more than held his own up against the fury of Al Pacino. This is one of his best scenes.

Collateral”-Foxx’s earned a Supporting Actor nomination for Michael Mann’s cab-ride thriller, where – again – he proved his worth while matched up against an awesomely-haired Tom Cruise.

Ray”-The movie that won him a well-deserved Best Actor Oscar, Foxx perfectly embodied the soul and music of the great Ray Charles. It’s one of the all-time great biopics.

Django Unchained” -His latest hit is also one of the best movies Quentin Tarantino’s ever made – and both him (and Tarantino) were shamefully denied Oscars (though Tarantino did win one for his screenplay). It’ll be out on DVD soon – pick it up.

Blame it on the Alcohol” -Oh, yeah, he’s a singer, too – and a good one at that, as evidenced by his fantastic collaboration with T-Pain.