miami heat logo*Okay, we give up. Go Heat.

Those are two very, very tough words to say for us – but you know what? Sometimes, it’s just very cool to root for history. The streak might be over (thanks, Chicago), but its made a lot of us Miami Heat fans.

We admit it, it hasn’t been easy. This current incarnation of the Heat hasn’t always been the easiest team in the world to root for. It sure didn’t start off well. We hated the whole “The Decision” thing, and we hated the showy and arrogant “Not one…not two…not three…” things any more. In fact, we took a lot of schadenfreude in their six-game loss to Dallas in the finals. Good, we all thought, that’s what they deserve.

We even took pleasure in that oh-so-close seven-game series with Boston last year, a series that – in all honesty – probably should have gone to Boston, if a few calls in a few games had gone their way. When they finally triumphed over Durant, Westbrook, Harden and the rest of the Thunder gang we finally – begrudgingly – gave them our respect.

This streak, though … this streak was worthy of awe. Twenty-eight straight games. We’ve never seen anything like this before, not in the modern era. Sure, they’ve caught a few breaks (the Celtics probably win that classic game if Garnett plays), but still, watching this has been something. LeBron James has become more than a man, ascending to a level that few athletes (Adrian Peterson last year? 2000 Pedro Martinez? Tom Brady in 2007?) have ever achieved. Dwyane Wade has been his usual starry self, when he’s played. Bosh has been steadily good. The bench has sat back, launched threes and played great defense. It’s been magic to watch.

So, we’re rooting for them to keep winning. In the regular season, at least. No one’s going to beat them in the East, after all. Indiana? New York? Come on. Please. That showdown in the Finals, though … that’s going to be something. Maybe the old guys in San Antonio could beat them. Wouldn’t that be something?