walking dead (hines ward)*So, “The Walking Dead” is pretty much the biggest thing on television right now.

Check out the ratings for the season three finale: 12.4 million. That beats most scripted network shows. For a cable program to do that? It’s groundbreaking, really. It shows just how much people really do love seeing zombies getting impaled by various sharp objects. We love “The Walking Dead,” in spite of all of its flaws, like the snore-inducing second season (leave the #&%(-ing barn already!) and the constant behind-the-scenes drama that has robbed it of some momentum and focus. How great would it be if Frank Darabont had stuck around for the duration?

However, we do have one serious quibble with the program. Could it please start giving some minority characters on the show a chance to shine? The twin-sword wielding Michonne is one of the great characters in the comic books, but she’s been relegated to a mere plot device in the show, oftentimes in place of another breathless rant from Rick Grimes or poor southern drawl from The Governor. Poor T-Dog was ripped to shreds by zombies in the prison. Big Tiny didn’t even last twenty minutes. Morgan, played by the excellent Lennie James had a role in the premiere and appeared in one episode this season and that was it (don’t feel too bad for James, though – he’ll be in a new AMC show.

Come on, “Walking Dead,” give them something to do. There’s no need to relegate these awesome characters to the background or to the jaws of whatever Georgia-area zombie skipped breakfast that day. They’ve already taken a step forward for season four, adding the awesome Chad Coleman (late of “The Wire”) and Sonequa Martin-Green to the main cast as Tyreese and Sasha. That’s a great start, provided they’re featured prominently in the show. Let’s hope. Oh, and let’s also hope for Michonne to go hog-wild on some undead in season four. We love those double swords.