married to medicine-mariah huq-the jasmine brand*Hands down, one of the most buzzed about reality shows on BRAVO is “Married to Medicine,” a reality show following the lives of well established wives of doctors, located in Atlanta.

Three episodes in, critics and fans were buzzing about the shows intense fight scene involving Mariah Huq (the show’s creator) and Toya Bush Wright. Recently, EURweb media partner chatted with the self-proclaimed “Queen Bee,” Mariah about comparisons to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the purpose of her creating the show and embarrassing, yet entertaining ballgown fight. We also asked her frankly what she felt about NeNe Leakes referring to the show as ‘copy cats’. Peep excerpts below.

On the show being compared to “RHOA”:

I actually think it’s a compliment. Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the top rated shows, not just reality shows, but shows on Sunday nights. I think what those women have done is phenomenal. NeNe and Kandi’s created an entire enterprise. I don’t take it as a insult. I think they’re beautiful black women doing their thing and I think we’re doing the same thing.

On Nene Leakes tweeting they are copycats:

I think Phaedra went to Law school and I think if I’m not mistaken I think that, but none of them are medical doctors so we didn’t copy that. I think everybody is married on the show, I think some of the women are getting engaged and getting married now or whatever. All of us are college educated, all of us have families, and most of us have businesses so I’m not sure what we’re copy catting. I would hope that a lot of grown women are doing some of the similar things, but I don’t think in terms of personalities there is no comparison. I think it’s just totally different cast.

On what the show taught her most about herself:

It taught me to never say what I won’t do. I never thought as a grown mother of two, wife, business woman, college educated woman, savvy, sophisticated, sassy lil thang, I never thought that I would be fighting on TV. It taught me anything is possible. Never say what you will or won’t do until you are in a situation.

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