fantasia (on red carpet)*Singer Fantasia has lived her life in the public eye in and out.

We’ve seen her come from rags to riches, gain the fame, share her opinion, get into some Jerry Springer-like love triangle and break down.

She’s on her way back to the top, though. Part of her transformation has not only been mental and emotional, but also physical.

The “Lose to Win” singer told Essence that she’s in better health after losing 50 pounds.

“Working out for me, started as something mental. It was a way to release and let some things go,” reveals Fantasia.

She started to pack on the pounds in 2011 when she was cast to play the lead role in the Mahalia Jackson biopic, but the project was put on hold the same year.

That’s when life started to spiral out of control; when she started dating a married man, and became pregnant with her son, Dallas Xavier.

After having the baby, she wanted to shape up and get things back in order.

So she generated a plan and made it happen.

“I workout every day, sometimes twice a day,” says Fantasia. “I keep my trainer with me and she travels with me. I love Pilates, yoga, and spinning. I also attend bootcamp class and they have become my workout family. Doing it with them makes me feel good.”

Exercising wasn’t a habit that came naturally to the singer, but she found a little motivation.

“A lot of my cousins who are my age or are in their 30’s are on high blood pressure pills and it’s like, c’mon, you’re too young for that,” says Fantasia. “I wanted to be the person in my family to stand up and say, okay we have to eat better and workout. I want to be around for a long time. I can’t travel like I do and not be healthy. You know how I move on stage. At any minute I could just pass out and that’s not good.”

She’s on a role and doesn’t plan to get off any time soon.