fantasia (screenshot)

Fantasia ‘testifying’ at London Bridge Studios (with producer Harmony Samuels to her right/rear)

Today’s the day for the release of Fantasia‘s new CD, “Side Effects of You.”

Except for one track, “Side Effects,” Fanny’s 4th album, was produced by hot British producer Harmony Samuels (Brandy, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole).

At a recent listening party at Samuels’ London Bridge Studios in North Hollywood, with guests that included Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Kenny Lattimore and others, EUR was there to witness Fantasia basically give her heartfelt testimony on what went into the new project.

“When I say ‘Side Effects of You,’ I’m not just talking about a man. But yeah, we can go on that level, too if you like. But I’m talking about everything … (the music) industry, family, friends … all of that stuff had taken effect … it was like, taking over my life. So I put it into this album.”

Bottom line, the album showcases a rejuvenated Barrino, 28, singing with newfound conviction. It’s her first since 2010’s “Back to Me.”

“I’m in a happy place. I’ve found peace. I’m back to that Fantasia that first walked onstage,” she told the LA Times’ Gerrick Kennedy. “I can tell you now that my smile is genuine — and it’s not just pretend.”

Check out video of a fiery Fantasia testifying about “Side Effects of You” in her hot red dress while displaying her newfound attitude, then watch her video for “Lose to Win”: