fantasia (on red carpet)*Fantasia was the guest of honor at the (4/23/13) album release party for “The Side Effects of You” at XL Nightclub in New York City.

R&B crooners Kenny Latimore and Joe performed a tribute to Fantasia, and Missy Elliott graced the place to show support.  Fantasia gave her guests and fans an impromptu performance of “Lose To Win,” but prior to the performance, she said:

“I haven’t had all this love since my first album. So, to have you guys come out and support me after all that I’ve been through.  On this album I was able to tell my story. I didn’t let nobody speak for me, I said it the way I wanted to say it. And, I said before I go back into the studio, I won’t go back until they let me do what I want to. You know, sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself. What happened was, since I was so quiet all the time, and I was this country, gullible, fun…kool-aid smile, … everyone thought they could take licks and throw stones at me, but that Fantasia is gone. Now, I’m speaking for myself, they told their story, now let me tell mine. The Side Effects Of You is not just about a man, trust me, he’s in the story, The Side Effects Of You is about the industry, family, friends, those who said they love you and you turn around and they’re gone. My grandmother said, “You don’t cry over spilled milk, you pick up and move on.”

We’re pullin’ for you Fantasia. Go girl!

P.S. WHO brought that ratchet “red carpet?” Damned thang looks exactly like a blanket.