george zimmerman mother's letter*The entire country awaits the beginning of the murder trial against George Zimmerman that begins June 10.

But, some believe that the trial will do more to confirm the innocence of Zimmerman rather than show the incriminating evidence against him.

George Zimmerman’s mother Gladys Zimmerman, released a letter to the public today for the 1-year anniversary of her son’s arrest via her son Robert Zimmerman’s Twitter account, according to CNN.

The obviously biased opinions in the letter not only show support for her son, but is riddled with delusion and scathing comments against the public she is addressing. She opens the letter with these words:

“April 11, 2012, will be forever remembered by the Zimmerman family as the day the justice system failed us as Americans, and as a consequence an innocent man was arrested for a crime he did not commit, solely to placate the masses.”

Well, that may be true. But, if the “masses” believe that the man is guilty based on the evidence provided, he just may be guilty. But she didn’t stop there. She went on to address her supporters and provide encouraging words that lead you to believe that she not only believes in her son’s innocence, but believes the court will acquit him.