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Loren Browder, Brenda Stone Browder, JL King

*LOS ANGELES – In a newly released book entitled, “The Ex-­‐Factor: Finding Freedom to Heal, Forgive & Love Again,” JL King, and his ex-­‐wife, Brenda Stone Browder (who outted him for sleeping with men during their marriage), share how they’ve evolved their tragic relationship into one of friendship and healing; and offer estranged couples and families advice on how  to do the same, in this, their most revealing book yet.

In 2004, JL King blew the lid off the secret “DL” culture with his appearance on Oprah. His tell-­‐all book, “On the Down Low: A Journey Into the Lives of ‘Straight’ Black Men Who Sleep With Men,” became an instant New York Times best-­‐seller. Browder’s “On The Up & Up: A Survival Guide for Women Living With Men On The Down Low,” became an Essence Magazine best-seller.

But it was as a result of their appearance together on a 2010 episode of Oprah’s Final Season where Browder publicly forgave King for his infidelities, that the two received their largest outpouring of emails and letters, leading them to write a book together.

“With The ‘Ex-­‐Factor,’ we want to change lives,” states JL King when  asked to describe the book. “This book is not just Brenda’s and my story, but one that offers help and advice for other couples on how they too can move past the pain of a failed relationship and learn to love again.”

King and Browder have two children together. Browder has remarried. King is now honest about his homosexuality – just a few of the topics they speak openly about in this new release.

“We’ve now become a blended family,” states Browder. It hasn’t been easy putting the past behind us to become friends, but we are living examples that it can be done. And that’s why we believe our book will help others find the path to forgiveness.”x-factor (book cover)Chapters in the The Ex-­‐Factor include: “When Signs Are There But You Miss Them,” “After the Breakup, Then What?” “Don’t Give Up on Love,” “How to Fit in With Your Ex’s New Partner,” and “Holidays: Breaking Bread with Your Ex & Your Kids.”

Through the book, King and Browder also reveal for the first time, what went on behind the scenes as their appearances on Oprah played out in front of millions of TV viewers; how they explained their relationship to their children; the community backlash over coming out publicly about their tragic marriage; and the circumstances that led the two to reconcile.

The book also includes an Introduction from Loren Browder, Brenda Stone Browder’s current husband, who speaks openly, for the first time, about his feelings surrounding Browder and King’s reconciliation.

In tandem with the release of The Ex-­‐Factor, the two are planning a  multi-­‐city speaking engagement tour; book tour; developing a reality series; and a return visit with Oprah on April 21st (10pm EST/9pm CST) for an appearance on OWN’s “Where Are They Now?” series

For more details about the book, visit the official The Ex-Factor book and tour website:  www.theexfactorbookandtour.com.

For requests to review the book or schedule radio and TV appearances, or inquire about book signings and speaking engagements, contact: [email protected].


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