pamela (evette) smith & michael Jordan

Pamela Smith (left) claims that Michael Jordan is the father of her teenage son!

*If Michael Jordan thinks his alleged baby mama, Pamela Smith, is going away an anytime soon, he’s got another thing coming as the saying goes.

Ms. Smith vows to continue her fight to prove the NBA legend is indeed the father of her child … despite his legal attack on her.

As we previously reported, Smith dropped her paternity lawsuit against Jordan without explanation and he immediately responded by asking the judge to make her responsible for his attorneys’ fees and sanctions.

Now Pamela’s striking back. She tells TMZ that she didn’t drop the lawsuit because she’s giving up. It was simply a technical legal problem with the documents and she plans on re-filing the paternity case.

In case you’re wondering, Pamela’s technical legal problem is actually amusing. Before filing her case against Jordan, she forgot a little detail … removing her ex-husband from the birth certificate which lists him as the father.

Oops! 🙂